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‘We are passionate about tourism in our country, and about the surprising parts of it that take your breath away. We work so that you get to see the best of its culture, food, customs, music and so that everything you do on your trip will be magical.

It is only through learning about others that we are able to know ourselves. You can overcome your limits, design new ones, and grow. People travel for adrenaline, for love of travelling, for pleasure of the unknown and for fear of the unknown. Dream. Travel. Live!”

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    Dream. Travel. Live!

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Our travels

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Iguazu Falls

¡5 days, 3 nights!
Discover in group one of the 7 Wonders
of the World in an unforgettable trip.

Argentinean North

Semana Santa
Salta and Jujuy on an exciting journey,
come to know its incredible landscapes!


Holiday in May
Montevideo, Punta del Este and
Colonia del Sacramento.


7 días
Come with us to sightseeing the most
important gastronomy spot in the country.


10 días
Bariloche and surrounding areas
¡A place to start your trip in Patagonia!

El Calafate

7 días
An excellent opportunity to visit the
biggest living glaciar in the world.

Buenos Aires

Opciones de 3 a 7 días
We give plenty options to let you visit the
capital city of tango and its sorrounding areas.

Puerto Madryn

7 días
Let’s discover Valdez peninsula
beauty and its sea wildlife.


7 días
Trip to the southern city of the world,
where the oceans joint.

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